Billed for Economy 7 but don't use/want it as no electric heating

When I joined Bulb (May 2019) I was told that my service would be shifted from E7 billing to single rate whilst I waited for a smart meter to be fitted. EDF had fitted an all singing all dancing smart unit that Bulb cannot read/access.

It is now 31st October;

  • no Bulb smart meter or communication yet and
  • I’m still paying over the odds for 98% of my power and
  • cannot get any response from customer support

Any suggestions please for How can I get some support over this ?

Thanks Jon

Did you have any joy with this? I switched last month and for some bizarre reason they have out me on an economy 7 Tarif instead of a single rate tariff - which means I have also been paying over the odds all month… not happy to carry on doing so… grrrr