Billed twice

Was wondering if anyone could help me i submitted my meter readings on the 19th of November and was billed on the 22nd. Today i have recieved another bill for usage from the 24th to the 29th and been debited another £50 for 5 days usage. Considering my bill was 120 for the whole of the month and i have been working flat out there is no way I have done £10 a day on gas and electric. Why have i been billed twice in a month?

I can’t answer why you’ve received two bills, you’d be better to contact Bulb directly How to get in touch – Bulb

However, regarding the usage, do the meter readings on the bill(s) match those you have been submitting? If so then it’s likely you have used what the meters say. Possibly you have a faulty meter. It’s also possible that if you’re in an apartment that the wrong meters are being read. Do you have access to your meters? If so, do the serial numbers match what is listed in your Bulb account?