Billing and VAT

Can someone explain the billing statement, please?

I have tried asking bulb put its like pulling teeth!!!
In my account, it shows my unit rate and standing charge. At the foot of the page, it states “Note these prices include VAT”.
So, if I used 100kwh@15.77 this is £15.77 and the standing charge at 30 days@20.72 this being £6.22 and added together is £21.99.

Now would I still be charged VAT at 5% or are the rates including the VAT? If not what is the VAT in the “Note these prices include VAT” for the rates?

I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance.

You don’t get a further 5% added to your bill for VAT as the unit costs include the VAT.

However when you get your statement the unit cost and standard charges wil be shown less the 5% VAT i.e. using your example the unit cost will be shown as 15.01 and standing charge will be shown as 19.73. These wil be applied to the number of units used and number of days after which VAT at 5% will be added.

Thanks for the reply and the information Allanr.

That seems to make sense as they need to show VAT on invoices etc…
Unable to get any replies from bulb


Hi @alanhodkin1 - I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to get an answer from us on this.

The VAT amount should be included on your monthly statement - you should be able to see this on the ‘Electricity use in detail’ and ‘Gas usage in detail’ pages.