Billing efficiency

Having just been through my first billing cycle 23rd September, this is how it panned out:
Weds 20th 8am - submitted meter readings online;
Noon - phoned in to confirm figures as I’d thought they should be visible online by then;
2pm - followed up by email, actually acknowledged, indicating there would always be estimated figures added on, to cover the period from submission (20th) to the billing date (23rd).
Saturday 23rd - no bill
Sunday 24th - no bill
Monday 25th 8am - Bill belatedly issued. A 25% increase in my energy usage to cover the 3 days estimated: not 10% (say 3/31).
Oh well it’s just a summer bill after all; but I wouldn’t want that stupid increase to occur in a winter bill!

So for my next billing cycle 23rd October, you nice friendly Bulb team supported by the company’s sometimes efficient computer system, please inform me what is the best and most computer-efficient date for me to submit meter readings, in order that the bill will be issued without any added estimated content?

I had to prompt them, it was two months in between bills. Summer period so it was not an issue to me - I just hope the winter billing is more efficient. I can calculate it myself but that’s not the point. I enquired why was it when I sent the gas reading it did not appear as quickly as the electricity. Seems that reading has to go through another process before it’s entered on the account.

Excellent question @stephen9620. For you, the best day of the month is 23rd. That’s the day before we generate your statement.

Another point is that the more readings we have from you, the more the estimates improve. So by the time winter rolls around, if you were to miss a month of readings, the estimates should be pretty spot on.

Sometimes a first billing period can be less efficient because we need to wait for meter technical details to arrive from our industry partners, but that’s corrected as soon as they arrive. And @ian3268 you’re spot on - the gas reading has a second validation step to go through before we can use it for billing.

Thanks for that helpful information @ellie_r and I shall try out your suggestion for 23rd October!

Update: Following @Sam_Bulb 's latest advice, the 22nd would seem to be my more appropriate date to submit my monthly meter readings, ie 2 days before my billing date, the 24th (being the next day after my billing period ends on the 23rd), the same day as my next direct debit is due (the 24th)!
What seems such a straightforward process when first reading the Welcome Pack and the Bulb website, is in fact more complex, at least to this particular customer. Reasons read across the forum threads for billing misdeeds include Project Nexus, figures filed too early or too late and account malfunctions, so I’ll await my 24th October bill with eyes wide open.

Bill update: I’m pleased to say that my October statement was issued wholly based on my readings without any added estimated content. Submitting figures in the last two days of the billing period does indeed seem the way to go; also consider confirming online submissions via email. Project Nexus apparently didn’t delay its validation on this occasion.