Billing errors give me a debt of £1100+

Has anyone had problems with bulbs billing. My bill history is littered with bill corrections and reissued bills that really should be dealt with by an entry I the statement. It’s almost impossible to follow the readings and the debt or credit. Now I’ve just received a bill for £1100+ because they’ve unilaterally decided to swap the day and night readings. I’m livid. There’s no one on chat available to help and the office isn’t open till Monday. Thanks for sending out a bill of that size on a Friday when my normal usage is £50 per month. Seriously did this not raise an alarm and warrant a human intervention!!! I’ll be leaving as soon as I get this corrected. Useless.

There was an error in the app / online which was corrected in January after I reported it. It only affects those with a dual rate tariff.

Patrick QS (Bulb Help) Jan 16, 16:12 GMT

Hi Adrian,

Following on from our conversation the other day, if you now enter meter readings in your app or online, they will be put in the right way around. It was a small error on our behalf which I have now corrected.

So, how are you reporting your readings? Is your app updated?
Refer them to this …