Billing For Actual Use in Arrears

It was mentioned by a Bulb customer support agent on here that it’s possible to get billed in arrears for what you actually use. Is this correct? For anyone? Why is it not publicised? I was never aware of this option when I was with Bulb. It would suit a friend of mine still with Bulb.

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Yes, I saw that, and thought “ooh, that’s interesting”. I’d never seen any suggestion that Bulb might offer that before then.

I would imagine its not well advertised for obvious reasons.
Just think what it would do for blubs cash flow and bank balance :rofl:

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I’m sure I saw the same message.

I emailed Bulb to request billing in arrears and this is the response I got:

"Sibongakonke (Bulb Help)
Sep 28, 2020, 8:07 GMT+1

At Bulb, members are billed in advance.

Let me know if you want me to put your account on a payment review.

Sibongakonke "

Is there a Bulb agent who can confirm if we can be billed in arrears? My new DD amount is excessive - I may well cancel the DD and leave Bulb after I’ve used up my credit.

Hi @IKnowNothing,

Upfront payments let us be smarter when buying your energy, so we can pass more savings on to our members.

Once you switch to Bulb, we take monthly payments from your bank account which will build up credit in your Bulb account. Every month we use this credit to pay for the energy you’ve used.

We offer a range of payment options that can be found in our payment methods page which can change over time. We also have a range of support options for anyone struggling to pay their bills, and if you or your friend would like to discuss changing your payments just give us a call on 03003030635 or go to our online chat service.

just for re assurance, what kind of scheme are these upfront payments in, should something happen to bulb. how is our advance payment covered please, PS i have replied to your email thank you

guarenteed by OFGEM, if bulb (or any supplier goes belly up.
As long you don’t jump ship to another supplier before OFGEM move you to a supplier of last resort.

so if it ever happens again to me, make sure i save the usage up, and for ofgem to sort, or will lose the money built up, i never new that thanks, its a minefield just for energy these days

Just to clarify, your credit is usually honoured by the company OFGEM switch you to.
But obviously if you jump ship the money goes into the pot to pay the creditors, and it may take months(if at all) for you to get your money back.

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Well that payment options page is certainly hidden away isn’t it. Took me a while to find it under “our policies” without your link. Maybe would be good if it was made clearer when people sign up or at least put it in the help section. If it costs more just charge people a bit more for the option as used to be the case and probably still is with other companies.

Hi @IKnowNothing, this is an option available on our join site (I think it’s been the case for a little while now) so new joiners are able to choose this.

And @richard.evans.home60, if a supplier ever goes under it’s advisable to have your supply moved over to the SOLR and then make a switch. Often a switch while in the process of being switched will fail in the first place and you’ll have to wait for everything to straighten out - and that’s in any circumstance when you’re undergoing a switch

Good to know. If you change your name to penguin energy and start giving away cuddly penguins I might switch back :slightly_smiling_face:

Think we might have a few cuddly unicorns (off the TV ads) somewhere, would those do?

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Thanks, making me think now how i carry on.