Billing incorrect since smart meter fitting


I just looked at my account for the first time since we had smart meters fitted, and there seems to be a few problems. Firstly, while the “In” column shows all my payments, the “Out” column has nothing in it since the 5th May 2021, so I am now quite a bit in credit! Secondly, the gas readings shown in “Energy Usage” progress as expected until the reading on the 3rd June (the day the smart meters were fitted), where it shows a massive jump from 17027 on the 4th May to 23874, which cannot be correct (we haven’t had a gas leak!). Finally, also in the “Energy Usage” page, while the electricity usage looks sensible, the gas usage bars alternate between £0.65 and £1.04, which doesn’t look correct.

Hi @andrew.hollom1 :wave:

I’ve sent you an email to get a photo of the gas meter. I’ll then fix the billing (which should answer all your queries! :crossed_fingers:) and let you know what the updated balance is.

Cara :sunny: