Billing is an absolute shambles

I moved into my current house in January and since then I’ve been continuously spammed with incorrect bills. I’ve spoken with at least 3 customer service representatives and I’ve now started getting emails telling me I’m missing payments and someone from the payments team had tried to contact me. Not once has anyone called me, I’m making payments, my direct debit is setup and I’ve now just been penalised £15. It’s not even possible to make any payments toward my account through the app.

Quite simply the worst service I’ve ever experienced from an energy provider and the bar is already really low. I will be going to another provider.

You need to go online to make payments to your account. You’ve not explained in what way your billing is a shambles. Most problems are solved by submitting monthly meter readings, assuming that’s the problem.

Meter readings have been submitted on the day I moved in and at monthly intervals since. I was being billed for a time when I haven’t lived in the property, it’s been explained to Bulb on several occasions. Now I get penalty charges for absolutely no reason? No thanks.

Anyway, the point of this wasn’t really to look for a solution, it was just to highlight the abysmal service. I’ve been trying myself to get my account and billing in order, Bulb have been poorly organised and they are somehow penalising me for their shoddy work? Don’t think so. I’ve already initiated the switch elsewhere.

Hi @lomas108,

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I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had such a poor experience, and I’d really like to help you get this resolved.

I’ve firstly reversed the £15 penalty on the account, you should be able to view this as a credit note online.

I’ve sent you an email so we can discuss the billing on your account in further detail and hopefully get this all resolved for you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience with this.

Freya :bulb:

My statements are a mess fir electricity only. I send you a reading you say its too high - i send a picture of that reading and you still show estimated (by you) readings in my ‘updated ’ statement. I don’t think i have ever had a proper statement - i make readings every month but you don’t appear to like or factor in the readings that i give!!! Very unhappy!!

Hello @Dorotheer

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I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with submitting readings on your Bulb account. We sometimes ask for photos of your readings if they look different to what we were expecting i.e. too high or too low.

We then double check the photo to ensure the figure you are entering is correct and add it to the account manually. I have now added the reading for you, and this will be included in your next statement.

I hope this clears things up for you, but please get back to me if you have any more concerns.


I have been with bulb for just over a year now and have already switched to another company! They were okay at the start but then started saying that I was using over £50 a month electric (as in I was using about £100 a month instead of the £50) when I got in contact with them they basically said that it was right so fair enough I paid it. I then got into financial difficulties and couldn’t pay my bill, I got in touch with Tully which bulb suggested to me and started paying £30 a month. I was still in debt (around £400 they were saying) they then said that my meter was an old smart meter and they could then get my reading from the meter without me suppling them. They sorted my account but said I had paid £3000 to my account which wasn’t true. After sorting that out they said I was £17 in debt. On Thursday 22nd April they then added £2000 to my account and said it was once again done in error and they would sort my account out and tell me the update by the end of the week (I’m still waiting to this day for an update) they have changed my account to now being over £1000 in debt! They are claiming that I have used over £1000 worth of electricity in 2 months. I have emailed a number of times now and still not got a reply. Just wondering if this is happening to many other people?

I have a Prepay gas card i live on my own and have 2 gas appliances a cooker and gas boiler for heating and hot water. a The Cooker aint used everyday & i rarely have heating on but its costing me £40 plus a month on top ups so the list of my top ups bulb sent me actully its 3 lists i got sent by 3 different bulb members and not one was the same dates & amounts topped up different

Hello @chericechaplin

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I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a positive experience with us and for the issues surrounding your statements.

From looking at your account I can see you recently received a consolidated bill. A consolidated bill is the combination of multiple bills. When we receive new information about your usage, we recalculate past bills based on your actual usage. When this happens, we may make a bill that covers more than one month.

We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting a long time for a response to your query. I will chase this up for you today and ask my colleague to respond to you as quickly as possible.


Hello @madzgagz52

I am sorry to hear you are having some issues with your prepay meter.

When you top up, do you know if the full amount is going onto the meter? I would recommend looking at some of your meter screens to ensure there is no debt on the meter causing any reduced top ups, and that everything is set as it should be.

We have a helpful guide on our website which shows you how to find the meter screens needed.

Please let me know how you get on with this, and if you have any other questions.

Thank you


Nathan I have no problem with the meter I said I received the The Bill statement for the year that you get and I contacted bulb who rang me and spoke with about a more detailed bill not just how much gas and what it cost. I asked for a more detailed breakdown like topups etc which I exspect ed to get. But the person at bulb wanted a day or 2 to look into it and will ring me back but no call or no reply from emails he’s called benjamin this are terrible just seems like a cloak and dagger company that makes you feel there’s something to hide

Hi @madzgagz52 :wave:

I’m sorry you haven’t heard back from my colleague just yet. I’ve been in touch with Ben who will send you an update on this.

Cara :sun_with_face:

I’ve had 5 replies to my review all from bulb different people all with there opinion except one called (Carl) who emailed me with what he had found out from the meter team etc etc. He’s done that after reading my review. why would i want it looked at when someone already was Ben who i’d said was meant to be getting back to me?? The review is genuine but its the only way to get a reply from bulb putting it on trustpilot. why did i get so many bulb replies on here offering there opinion and for carl go ahead looking into something that already is being done. surely bulb would know this? Cara for the record you must be 7th from bulb who replied. But yours is the best yet( Ben will update me soon). he’s ignored all the emails which he knows he is getting you’ve mentioned it no doubt others to. yet 7 other bulb members had there say which was wrong as this is where things get confusing to many involved thats why i ask to speak with ben one person only

I’ve had billing issues for the past few months and I’m about ready to leave as I genuinely don’t know where I stand.

With bulb it does feel like the long and winding road but you have to stick with it. I’m sure they do this on purpuss to frustrate the customer into leaving rather than address the problems the customer has with they may at fault for.

Hi @Guybrush_Threepwood

I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your billing recently.

I have searched the email address on our system that is linked to your community account but no account appears.

Could you send your account details to from the email address on your community account? Once this has been done, I can look into your billing issues further.


Nathan :bulb: