Billing Issue and letter received

I joined Bulb on 2nd Oct 2020. DD set up 10ish days later. Initial amount was too low due to previous occupier of house but was told that is how it works and it will go up if needed.
Bulb didnt take first payment in November, emailed me to say I had missed a payment, not they had failed to take it but that I had missed it.
I increased the amount to the suggested amount in the app.
Paid the amount by DD in December and received another email saying I had failed to make a payment.
The amount went up again to their suggested amount in the app.
Paid that amount in January by DD.
Have now received a letter saying I have failed to make a further payment, that i have failed to respond to previous emails, (I did respond and have the emails), that a payment specialist has tried to contact me and not been able to, no one has tried to contact me, and just to finish off they will pass my account to a debt collector if i don’t ring them.
Just to be clear I have funds in my account and have paid every DD requested with the amount they suggested.
Is this typical of bulbs customer service and the kind of experience people have with them? I like the idea of the green energy but life is too short to be putting up with this level of incompetence and bully tactics.

Hmm, sounds odd. Are you sure the DD is set to the right account and isn’t set to a spare empty account? Have to tried to add a different direct debit in payment settings? You also say “paid every DD requested” It should be an automatic system, you should not have to do anything. just trying to think how this could happen
I’ve had issues with bulb giving me bills, but never with them taking the direct debit.

Just to make sure that this is not the issue, remember that bulb needs a months worth of credit in your bulb account at all times, You pay a month in advance, not when the bill actually comes. read :

HI, when i say i have paid i mean the payment has gone through. It is set to the correct account, having now spoken to bulb they are saying it is all because my monthly payments aren’t high enough. They are however what they set them to and suggested. Not paying enough is also a completely different matter to not paying at all and following that up with saying I have not responded when I have.
Think I am just going to switch.

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Hope you have a better experience with who ever you switch too.

Hi @paulgreen4677,

Welcome to Bulb’s community! :raised_hands:

I understand you spoke to my colleague regarding this on the phone yesterday, but I’ve also sent an email to explain and so you can ask any questions you may have about this.

All the best,
Freya @ Bulb :bulb: