Billing now triple!

My estimate usage and billing was for £65 each month. I didn’t give a meter reading and my billing sky rocketed and my payment doubled. However, my estimated usage is still £65 a month. I have refused to pay double what I use, its unacceptable to double when my usage remained the same. My billing is now approaching a grand, payment three times what it was but my usage has not changed the entire time. How does Bulb justify tripling the billing?

Probably best you call them about this.
0300 303 0635

Hi @mikeyinglis123,

I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re experiencing with your account. Your usage has been roughly £75 a month since joining Bulb, but the debt on your account has accrued after your payment method was cancelled last year.

You received a one-off high bill back in March because this was the first time we received a meter reading from you in over a year. Unfortunately, our estimates had been slightly lower than the true figure, so we issued a statement which was larger than usual to catch up to your true usage.

Please could you submit a new meter reading to your online account so we can update your current balance? - it’s really important to make sure that we’re billing you correctly. We also strongly recommend setting up a payment method to prevent the further build up of debt.

There are different ways that we can support our members in difficult situations, which I would love to discuss with you over private messaging. Just pop into my inbox, or give us a call on 0300 303 0635.