billing query

Hi, I have switched from British gas to Bulb and have just been notified that my first payment of £4.71 will be taken on 13th December.
However I pay my monthly British Gas bill on the 1st and have just paid £135 for the month - don’t want to have to pay twice for the month? I would want my Bulb account to start from the end of the month

Bulb take payment in advance unlike british gas that take payment after… There will be a duplicate payment the first month of bulb but you won’t be paying twice for the same gas

Hi @lauraaucott , as @tom6685 said …at Bulb, we take a fixed payment in advance for the month ahead. So the first payment is taken on the day you switch. You pay your old supplier in arrears, after you have used the energy.

This can mean that in the first month after you switch there are two payments. One to your old supplier for the energy you have already used, and one to us for the energy you will use during the month ahead. It’s worth adding that you will only ever be billed for the energy you use, as determined by your meter readings.