Billing since smart meters installed

Has anyone received a bill on the usual date since new smart meters installed? Mine were connected on April 3 and final readings from old meters show on my account but no readings from the new meters. Like others I have had connection issues - only gas shows on IHD and bulb have told me I may need another engineer visit to get the electricity working correctly as they are not receiving data. Despite manually giving them readings I have yet to receive a bill - my usual billing date has passed. This is very frustrating just wish I hadn’t changed. A different explanation every time I get in touch with bulb and Siemens won’t take any responsibility for faulty installations either.

My bill was delayed by several days and was based on estimated readings for the new smart meters. Only gas shows on my IHD. Bulb told me that they were receiving actual readings from the smart meters but were as yet unable to put them into the billing system.

Mine only shows my “final” electricity reading from the old meter and the smart read for electricity on the new, gas read isn’t showing up at all (neither smart nor the final one from the old meter). Engineer only left a note of the electricity one before switching them over as well so we shall see… contacted customer services and they’re apparently aware but all is normal. Hm! Not had my bill yet either (normally on 10th).