Is the bulb account only manageable online. Looking to switch my 95 year old father in law away from the Big 6, but he is not online and likes to have a paper bill so he can keep in control of his account. We could do it all for him, of course, and print bills off, but just wanting to check if a paper bill is an option. Thanks

From Bulb’s Terms & Conditions:

4.1. By joining Bulb, you agree to manage your account online. This allows us to work together to keep costs low and therefore energy prices low.

4.2. By joining Bulb you’re agreeing that you’ll undertake the following actions:

4.2.1. Provide meter readings using your online account dashboard or within our mobile app, by emailing Bulb or calling our telephone service, month.
4.2.2. Receive monthly statements via e-mail,
4.2.3. Provide us with accurate personal details, and to keep these details up to date.

From previous answers to similar questions, it is acceptable for you to manage the account on your father in law’s behalf.

@Jill Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to issue consistent paper billing. Being paperless not only allows us to cut costs but also has a huge environmental impact. If you’re able to print off the bills for your father-in-law’s reference, that would be the most pragmatic approach.