This is confusing … you have managed to bill me a NEGATIVE AMOUNT having decided that I somehow managed to give gas back to you. Even weirder, YOU estimated the meter readings despite me GIVING YOU the readings. You said I had to contact my previous supplier, but YOU are my previous supplier. Round and round and round and round… One call handler said he’d update the account with the readings, but didn’t. Another didn’t have a clue. Now you start texting me asking : Hello. How helpful was your phone call with Bulb?

Please reply with a number from “0” (not likely) to “10” (very likely). Reply ‘STOP’ to opt-out.

THAT doesn’t make sense. So I reply 0 anyway, but I get another three saying the same thing.

You have ONE job. One job, and you can’t even get that right.

Honestly I haven’t billed you with a negative amount.

More seriously you have posted to a community forum which means none of fellow customers can shed any light as your situation.

Personally I would contact the Bulb team direct but this time via on-line chat and ask for a copy of your discussion with them.

Perhaps you can report the outcome of your chat with Bulb, less any personal information?