Bills gone up by 173‰

Last months usage £148 and over £100 in credit, now 9 days in to the new rates its £405!! Not used any more gas or electric than I have for the last two years. Even the letter I got from Bulb didnt suggest anything like this. This can’t be right surely.

Yup, our smart meter levels are ridiculous. This can’t go on!

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Its crazy, my app suggested £9 on a day we were all at work and school so only in the house a few hours

Contacted Bulb and they agreed it was too high. Instructed to cancel the DD to stop the £405 being debited from my account and setup again in a weeks time. They’ve now changedy account so will only pay what I’ve used, which is much better as its obvious (for the 2nd time) that their projections on annual use are massively incorrect.

Hello all.

Thanks for your posts here, we can appreciate that with the price change there is a concern with keeping your bills as low as possible. The app will provide you a good insight into your usage however we would advise to follow some tips to try and reduce what you use.

If you wish to pay on receipt of bill and pay the cost of the bill each month just let us know.

These three articles from our help site also give simple helpful tips on saving energy:
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–Carl :bulb:

Bulb are deliberately increasing the direct debits by MUCH more than they need to. The energy cap has increased costs by 54%. Your direct debit should not have increased by more than this. Bulb have tried to increase mine by 110% and my support queries have not been answered for over a month so I’ve had no choice but to cancel my direct debit, in the hope that this will make them respond.

Seeing as Ofgem are now looking into it, seems Bulb are not the only ones that are overcharging customers. Fortunately for me, I’m now paying for what I use and the bill went from the ridiculous £405 to £168.