Bills have more than doubled since smart meter installed

Anyone else found that their bill has massively increased since their smart meter was being installed? I’ve been complaining since before xmas and keep getting fobbed off with “you were undercharged before”. I simply do not believe that. This past month was my highest bill ever and yet i’ve been using it the least in the past 5 months. I’m very close to complaining to the ombudsman

Few questions to probe where the problem lies:

  1. Are you sure you’ve “been using it the least in the past 5 months”? Don’t you have some sort of heating running in your property?
  2. Are you talking about your direct debit that goes out from your bank, or the totals on your actual Bulb statements of energy use?
  3. Are the values on the statements estimates? Bulb have trouble getting readings from many of their smart meters and you might be billed on estimates without you realising it if you don’t look carefully at the statement.
  4. Were the charges on all your previous bills based on actual usage from your manually submitted meter readings? If not, Bulb will have used estimates and you could well have been undercharged, which is being corrected now that Bulb have readings from the smart meter.
  5. Was your previous meter very very old? It’s quite possible that it was out of calibration and you were indeed being undercharged.
  6. Do you have solar panels and your previous meter was very old? It might be that your old meter was incorrectly (and illegally) running backwards when your panels were exporting energy and so making your import bills lower than the should have been.

There are other possibilities but that should give you enough to go on for now.

I’m 100% confident in saying there’s nothing wrong with the way your smart meter is measuring your energy usage. So if you really are facing larger bills now, it’ll be because something else was faulty previously that has now been fixed.

If you’re sure the meter is wrong, it’s easy to test an electric meter by running an known load such as a 1 kW fan heater for an hour, with nothing else turned on, and see if the meter registers 1 kWh increment. Testing a gas meter is rather harder and not really possible by the customer.

Remember before going to the ombudsman you must have first complained to Bulb, and have received a final deadlock letter or 8 weeks have passed with no response. The ombudsman wont be interested until you have gone through the proper channels.

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  1. Yes. No
  2. Totals
  3. no.
    4 Yes
    5 No
    6 no
    And I’m well aware of the process to be followed before going to the ombudsman and do not need it patronisingly explained to me thank you. I have been back and forth with Bulb since early december on this issue

Many people are not. I’m sorry you considered my help patronising. I’ll refrain from any further help.

Good luck with your issue.

Wow that’s a lot of assumptions you’re making there. Just like with hullavaloo - who assumed without asking first that I as a poster knew nothing about the complaints process, the escalation process or what had been explored before putting up a post. About the only thing you are right about is that I will likely vote with my feet, but not before ensuring that Bulb has fully explored the excessive billing that has taken place and refunded me accordingly.

What is preventing you complaining to the ombudsman?

Nothing now. I needed to pursue the process fully with bulb directly first before escalating it if the outcome was unsatisfactory - which it has been. The final check for me was via this forum to guage if this was an isolated incident or part of a bigger pattern of issues with Bulb