Bills just getting more expensive

Is.anyone else’s Bill’s increasing all the time. We have a pond that adds an extra £20-£25 a month on our bill but its been turned off weeks. The direct debit rose from £52 to £72 and my.monthly average usage.was £44 now suddenly jumped to £139. Whats going on.

The direct debit is not the bill.

How have your actual bills been looking? In terms of kWh used, based on actual regularly submitted meter readings.

Yet another person who fails to understand the difference between the bill and the direct debit. Check your bills! You only ever have to pay for the energy you are using. If you think your direct debit is too high, reduce it. If your electricity consumption has fallen, then your bills will fall too. However you have to understand that your direct debit may bear no resemblance to your actual consumption. Just do what any sensible person would, read your meter regularly, submit the readings and keep track of the bill amount NOT the direct debit which at best is only a very poor estimation of an average months usage.