I have had my first bulb bill but also being charged by First utility after i have made the switch.

I thought bulb managed this all for you? I was expecting a refund not a double bill.

I have submitted meter readings online!


Hi James.

We’ve sent over your opening readings to First Utility.

It can take six weeks for your readings to reach your previous supplier and for them to issue a final bill.

We automatically send the electricity and gas readings on your switch date, and they are validated by an independent regulator as part of every energy switch. They are checked separately so they often reach the old supplier at different times.

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 6 weeks under any circumstances.

Other suppliers may not cancel your direct debit payments to them until they issue your final bill and refund you.

That still doesn’t explain why BULB took 2 payments, 1 of £128.9 at beginning of August (1st) & 1 of £110 (28th)

That still doesn't explain why BULB took 2 payments, 1 of £128.9 at beginning of August (1st) & 1 of £110 (28th)

Quite simply your issue is entirely different to that posed by jrgmiles and is why Eleanor at Bulb answer did not cover your situation.

I would guess the payment on 1 August was taken late and the one on 28 August was taken at the correct time. My own payments (i.e. date when credited to my Bulb account) has varied by two days.

@ABitFedup If a payment schedule is adjusted to draw payment on a date later on in a month then a payment will automatically be requested on the new date. So, if the original earlier payment had already been requested this can lead to two payments in one month.

We’re working on making this clearer for members changing their payment cycles - any and all feedback would be appreciated.