Im finding it hard to understand how 1 house holds bills can more than quadruple in less than 6 months???

This is a forum for customers, just like yourself, none of us here have access to your account details so can offer little assistance.

But as another customer, I’d ask:

  1. Have you been submitting monthly meter readings when requested each month?
  2. Have those readings actually been used, as in showing as a customer reading on your statement and not an estimate.
  3. Are you confusing the monthly direct debit with “the bill”? What exactly is it that has increased?

Perhaps if you could post your last six months of meter readings someone will be able to offer more help.

Bear in mind that bills do vary hugely from summer to winter. Heating is expensive, particularly so if you have electric heating rather than gas. A factor of 4 seems large but not totally unexpected.

…Also what figures did you submit to Bulb when you applied…Size of property or yearly Annual kWh from your previous suppliers statement, this can greatly affect the quote.