Bit of Balance in a negative world

Today is the first time I have logged into this community in quite a few months. I moved from British Gas because Of nearly every failing you see in this board - customer service, bills way higher than previously estimated and payments locked at a silly rate. I live in a new build so the heating system and insulation is at its best let’s face it but up to now… no issues with Bulb, the switch was good from their side (British Gas became more difficult).

Just a bit of positivity in this Board - I’ve no issues :slight_smile: so thank you!

Anyone else?

How organizations deal with errors is critical but few seem to be able to do it well. Many are not even aware that error management exists or they misunderstand it as a system for error avoidance.

Hi @Scotty,

Welcome back to our Community page! :wave: It’s great to hear that the new build has a more developed heating system, as this should indeed hopefully also help when it comes to saving on those energy bills!

Thank you for sharing such kind and positive feedback about us, we really do appreciate it :green_heart: I’m also glad to see that there are no issues on your account and all is going well! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to assist you :slightly_smiling_face: