Bizarre readings - accuracy?

Have just check my readings and there is definitely something odd going On! For gas there are the following readings showing :
25 Dec - 1172
26 Dec - 1208
27 Dec - 1223

Why the daily reading?
Also the elec on the account says estimated, then smart, then estimated.
Please sort as the bills also still seem very high in comparison with previous years.

Hi @Jude, I can see that your smart meter readings are set to ‘daily’, after your smart meter installation. We receive these readings through daily, but most of these don’t load into your Bulb account. However, to ensure that we have a smart meter reading that can be used for your statement, you should see smart meter readings on the few days leading up to your statement date on your Bulb account, as you’ve described.

Your electricity meter readings started coming through later than your gas readings did, which is why your electricity was estimated on your last statement, however you should have accurate smart readings for your next statement :+1:t2:

Lou :stars: