Bizarre smart meter readings

I have had 2 readings appear on the app which appear to have been taken from my smart meter. The second one is lower than the first and neither bear any relation to previous readings. I’ve tried contacting through chat but this doesn’t appear to be working

Why don’t you just enter your meter readings, you can do that any time?

Thanks but I do that so doesn’t really answer my query

Hi @pararge :wave: Welcome to Community,

We are in the process of updating how we communicate with your smart meter, this is migrating it onto the new smart network which is already being used for the newer generation of smart meters.

When this happens we sometimes need to update the register your meter is billed from. Essentially your meter may be recording usage on a couple of different registers/rates. You were previously submitting the ‘Total rate’ reading for your usage, since updating the connection we will be taking a smart reading from your ‘Rate 1’ which is a lower reading.

This does not affect your billing in any way but I do need to update the ‘last’ reading that was entered for your account as this is relating to ‘Rate 1’ rather than the ‘Total rate’.

Once that is done we will start getting smart readings through from the ‘Rate 1’ reading on your meter and the billing will continue to use this read from now on.

I appreciate this may be a bit confusing but I want to assure you that we know what is going on with the readings and have made sure the billing is accurate to your usage.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

Thanks KT

Do I still submit a manual reading?

I almost had a heart attack it said we had used £398 in a month when in fact was two
Months and was refunded recalculated and billed
But readings were estimated and electric was 210 units out
Waiting for updated bill
So I would submit

My gas is OK, but my electric is rubbish, readings are 400+ below what the meter says and it has affected my bills (being under charged), found out about this fairly quickly so now just submit a manual electric reading a few days before my billing time

Hi @pararge

Yes please do submit manual readings until we connect to your meter. As your meter has been enrolled to the upgraded DCC network, please can you provide readings from register 1 ( R1) Instead of the total.

Let us know if you need anything.

Have a great day,

–Suki :hibiscus:

R1? I don’t know what you mean.

My meter doesn’t seem to show an R1 or R01 reading

Hi @pararge & @amandabotley :wave:

So from looking at the accounts, I believe that you both have a similar electricity meter. Your meter should have a 1-9 digit keypad on the right side of it. If you press the 6 button, you should be able to see your R1 reading.

This reading increases by the same amount as the total reading, and is the particular reading on the meter that we get sent now that they are on the new smart network. You won’t be charged anything more than you were previously, it is just that we will bill you based on this reading moving forwards, rather than the total (main) reading.

-Luke :bulb: