Blimey someone doesn't like the facts then



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Considering it’s their forum, Bulb are generally fairly liberal about content posted around here. Even when it’s quite negative towards them. But there are limits (and guidelines :slight_smile:).

My guess on your particular post being removed is that it was not about the specific content (which is public information - I’ve posted about it [elsewhere in the forum] before as well, and there have been threads which discussed it), but that it was completely irrelevant to the original poster’s problem, and therefore off-topic for that thread.

Note also that a community member flagged it to Bulb for attention, to which they reacted. And you have been reposting that same comment (with minor variations) in multiple threads, without much reason to do so. I do get that it’s out of frustration with Bulb and your own scenario.

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Hi @srpayne.sp

The reason why this was removed is as it was posted multiple times on different threads and did not relate to the content in the original post.

You can see our code of conduct here.

We can remove things that don’t fit with the posts or that are posted multiple times known as spamming.

I hope this clears things up.