Blocking switch!

Twice now, Bulb have blocked my switch over to Igloo. They haven’t bothered to let me know either time! Due to switch next Saturday but now been told by Igloo it has been blocked yet again!

First time I was told by Bulb that it was due to an issue with the database showing a different meter reference and it had been resolved and the switch would go ahead as planned. Today I find out it has been blocked again. Igloo have no idea why and I certainly don’t as once again they haven’t bothered to let me know! Seems like they are just blocking as they don’t want to lose customers! NOT GOOD SERVICE BULB!!!

Appearing to behave like a petulant child is not a good look and not a company I want to use.


Hi @angela1094,

I’m really sorry about this and I’ve sent you an email so we can get this resolved.

I’ve now been told it’s something to do with a “review” period on my account after you changed your prices on 1st April??? Does every customer have a review period when you change prices? What is it for??
Due to end on 16th May……….coincidentally the same day as the switch was supposed to have happened!!
I will reinstate the switch on Saturday. Please ensure it isn’t blocked yet again!

Good luck with that! But don’t be holding your breath

Hi @angela1094,

I’m very sorry about this and if you reinstate the switch it will not be blocked.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.