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Just read the blog about your excellent performance in the Which? survey on phone waiting times. Congratulations! B) As a new customer, that’s obviously very encouraging.
As a general rule of thumb, it’s the smaller guys who come out best in these types of survey. Do you foresee any factors which might reduce this performance as you grow?

Hi @198kHz , first off…great photo, need a pair of those for my kitty next summer.

We’re lucky to have built the company from the ground up and not have to deal with inefficient systems and process whilst handling millions of accounts at the same time. So we’re in a position to grow and handle more members whilst the Big 6 are now set up to try and stop the millions from leaving them for a better experience elsewhere.

Overall, this means we spend little money on marketing and invest it all into technology to deliver a better experience.

A better experience for almost every one is one where you don’t need to switch every year, you don’t need to get involved in account management and we do the complicated work to make your energy account a trouble-free experience.

We’re optimistic that we can continue to grow and continue to remain a small and efficient team by delivering a simple experience with your energy account by by providing a user friendly experience for you to manage your own account online/on the app and by being transparent and fair with our prices so that you don’t need to leave to get a better price each year.

Phone wait times are kept low by having a team of well trained experts that rarely put you on hold and get any issue sorted in minutes, we’ve got no departments here so everyone can handle every query!

Anyway, i’ve spoken too much and it’s getting late so I’ll leave this here now…Adios!

Do you foresee any factors which might reduce this performance as you grow?

To add to Rob’s answer, we actually see our performance getting better as we grow. We spend a lot of time working on both removing reasons for people to have to get in touch with us, and making it easier for our Energy Specialists to get to the best answer quicker. And economies of scale will apply too. So it’s all looking good from here. On the flip side, if we were to ever grow faster than our team could handle, we won’t be afraid to throttle back a bit until we’d cleared up backlogs and improved efficiency enough to keep growing.

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Thanks both for your clear and comprehensive answers. :slight_smile:
I joined the Coop when they were fairly young, and things initially went well, but when the numbers started to escalate quickly their phone and computer systems went into meltdown.
It’s been a lot better recently, but the number of different tariffs seemed to be exponentially increasing!
I’d been thinking for a while that there must be a better way - a simple, cheap tariff for everyone. Just by chance I happened to see bulb mentioned in a Guardian online comments thread.
My switch is not until 6 Dec, but I’m increasingly reassured that I’ve made the right choice.
ps Photo is of the late lamented Tigger, the coolest most laid back cat I ever knew - nothing ever fazed him.
He’d catch rabbits by crouching motionless on the lawn until one got within striking distance.

Fab, I’m so glad we could help :slight_smile: