blog email subscription

Is there a way to subscribe to the blog via email (preferably the energy price watch emails only), or is it a feature you would consider implementing.
I noticed that if you get a new gas/electricity quote, there’s a warning that wholesale prices are rising (appreciate you being upfront about that). But there doesn’t seem to be a similar warning for existing customers. The price watch entries in the blog fills a similar role but relies on you going to read it regularly.
I understand we’ll get 60 days warning for any potential price rises/drops. but any extra warning possible along with reasons is always useful.

@ben281, there is an RSS feed which you could pipe into your reader of choice (some of which can send you email notifications when a new article is posted).

Existing members have however already had an email about a potential price increase in March

We’ll always email members when we have something particularly important to say like potential price changes. Here’s a screenshot of the email we sent to members on the 18th Dec. Is that enough for you, or do you still think it would be a good idea for members to be able to subscribe to specific types of blog posts in future?