Boiler / Central Heating Maintenance Contracts

Does Bulb recommend any maintenance contract suppliers? Some utility providers have the option to add this to their utilities bills, does Bulb or anyone else have any good opinions on home maintenance contracts?

I’ve not been too impressed with any of the contracts offered by the utility companies, but I’ve been with a local independent company for some years now. For £16/month I’m covered for annual gas boiler and fire service, and unlimited cover for problems with radiators, valves, pipework, and anything in the water system including WCs. Apart from the servicing, I’ve had radiator and WC problems sorted efficiently and with no extra charge.
This is in south Worcestershire, but I presume most areas have similar independent companies.

Hi @Ripley, we do not have a Boiler Maintenance Contract, however, agree with @198kHz that if the larger companies contracts do not look appealing you should be able to find a local supplier who often provide better deals.

I’d also agree with everything stated here.

After my boiler blew up 3 weeks after British Gas had sent someone to do a boiler service at my house, and had basically nothing to say about it other than “tough luck”, I realised how useless and faceless the big companies really are.
(For refence, the boiler was basically completely buggered and had been leaking water over the electrics for at least a year or so before I moved in. The expansion vessel exploded completely one day after I’d bumped the pressure back up following a radiator bleed.)

I got a local company in to fit (and move the position of) my new boiler and I couldn’t be happier. They did an excellent job of patching up where the old flue used to be (newer mortar is the only way you can tell from outside), and unexpectedly sent me flowers the week after the job was completed.
I only pay them yearly for a boiler checkup now as I’m happy to do everything else myself but would have no qualms with recommending them to a friend.

Thanks for the good feedback