Boiler servicing/insurance

Hi all,

Having previously rented I’ve never had to worry about paying to get a boiler serviced or repaired in an emergency, but we now own our own house and have to consider these things. We think our boiler is no more than 3-4 years old, it appears to be running efficiently and reliably, but clearly we need to think about getting it serviced each year and having something set aside should it need repairing. Ideally I’d prefer a monthly payment which covers everything, and this looks like the cheapest option from a quick lunchtime google: - £7.60/month with a yearly service included and a £95 excess for each claim. That seems pretty good value for money to me at £91 per year.

Does anyone have any experience with 247homerescue? How does that compare to what others pay, and with which company? Or am I better shelling out for a service on its own and then keeping aside some money each month in case of an emergency instead?

Hey gazzaman. Did you go with the plan? any feedback?

Wondering as well about an annual service plan that covers boiler service/repair? Just checked the website given by gazzman and the prices look reasonable. Did he go with this?