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Having previously rented I’ve never had to worry about paying to get a boiler serviced or repaired in an emergency, but we now own our own house and have to consider these things. We think our boiler is no more than 3-4 years old, it appears to be running efficiently and reliably, but clearly we need to think about getting it serviced each year and having something set aside should it need repairing. Ideally I’d prefer a monthly payment which covers everything, and this looks like the cheapest option from a quick lunchtime google: - £7.60/month with a yearly service included and a £95 excess for each claim. That seems pretty good value for money to me at £91 per year.

Does anyone have any experience with 247homerescue? How does that compare to what others pay, and with which company? Or am I better shelling out for a service on its own and then keeping aside some money each month in case of an emergency instead?

Cant comment on the company but I have never had insurance for gas in 40+ years, that doesn’t mean it is the way to go, I took the view that you will pay an excess and if they can get away with it they will condemn the boiler. With a young boiler chances are you may not need any work done for say 5 years, thats £456 you can tuck away for when it is needed. As for servicing I check the flame colour (google / utube) for guidance.
During my 40+ years I have had 1 replacement boiler (4 houses) maybe lucky who knows. I do keep a couple of electric fires I can use if caught out if they fail. Actually the thermostat went in one and it took 4 days to get it resolved but I didnt suffer because of the elec fires.

I thought it was a legal requirement to have boilers serviced every year. Generally while it’s under warranty it needs to be serviced annually, otherwise the warranty becomes void.

I live in a very hard water area, so I find that the plate heat exchanger needs an annual clean, otherwise our shower/bath struggles in the winter, which usually ends up happening about half a year (start of winter) after the annual service around April. We use a local company to do them, which cost £90 including VAT. Considering we’ve had the diverter valve need replacing, switching to the above plan looks like it could work out cheaper. But then I read the terms and conditions and suddenly there’s a mention of a mandatory excess for older boilers, which is usually added to the other excess. Suddenly it becomes not so competitive. It’s the excesses where the boiler plans become costly, or you pay more up front.

One of the reasons for switching our cooker from gas to electric was so that we don’t need to do the annual gas safety check, and for the induction hob, and a better over.

a legal requirement to have boilers serviced every year
I maybe wrong but I believe that is for rented properties and not privately owned.

24/7… i read reviews on trust pilot and it totally put me off and they are cheaper, but when it comes to doing work, many reviews online stated they add charges and dont want to get it fixed etc.
Maybe put aside £20 a month for few years for a new boiler, and maybe when its 5-6 years old, British Gas cover £18 is best option, they fix things with no fuss.

Thanks guys.

Hi, I agree and disagree with your experience, some times boilers insurance companies act fast and resolve your problems in a few days but in general, they take a few weeks to resolve your problems, after getting an appointment . Also sometimes the premium is higher than the cost of the repairs. So…

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