Booked a Smart Meter in - Contractors didn't turn up

I booked a smart meter appointment for today, between 8am and 12pm and it seems like they have not turned up. This has been booked in for some time, so there has been ample opportunity to reschedule the engineer.

There aren’t many places to otherwise go at the moment, but I have had to move some site visits around to be in for this appointment so it is disappointing that they haven’t arrived, nor forewarned that the appointment is no longer possible.

Have you contracted this out to siemens?

Can you confirm that the meter installed is supplier independent (all past class one are supposed to be, right?)s



Hi @kieranarstall :wave:

Thanks for posting. Your smart meter appointment was indeed with Siemens, and they’d be installing a second generation smart meter. This means that it should send automatic readings to any supplier.

I’m sorry to hear that the engineer didn’t manage to install your smart meters today. If the engineer didn’t turn up within the four hour slot, then you will be compensated for this. You will need to book another appointment via your Bulb account I’m afraid.

This being said, I can totally understand how inconvenient it is for an engineer not to arrive in the allotted window. I can also understand that the communication here was not the best that it could have been and we do appreciate that feedback.

I have just emailed you about this situation, so that we can get you a smart meter as soon as possible.

Any questions, feel free to get back to me via email and we can get this sorted.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: