Booking a smart meter appointment

Bulb has invited me to book an installation of a smart meter but I am unable to find the booking form on the website!!
Any ideas?

There should be a link in the email they sent you, I think?

remember this from about 18mths ago
you haven’t changed much!
how do I request a smart metre

You have to get a smart foot first, and then request a change to metric.

Are you able to share what you are talking about?

Sorry it was a post hooloovoo made

OK, I thought you were part answering the OP.

No the link didn’t copy/paste correctly and I posted without noticing, story of my life really. One notices they do not appear to have a community page where you are, preferring perhaps to invest in a proper C/S and an accounts/billing system that actually functions as it should

I’m so confused :confused:

I’m so confused :confused:
you and me both, came across this when I was searching for something completely unrelated. But in my customary manner to annoy everyone thought I would post anyway

the wind up demon of bulb