Booking Electric meter replacement without any smart nonsense

How’s it done ? Tried walking through the online process but it doesn’t understand. Like most, really.

Hi @JasonL ,

It is my belief that Bulb (and any other supplier) only fit smart meters now - with the only exceptions being incompatible setups (i.e. you have more “meter tails” than a smart meter can currently cope with). If a meter is to be replaced, it’ll be with a smart meter.

Sorry if this isn’t the news you wanted, but you could try contacting Bulb via Live Chat, email or phone and asking/pleading if they have any suitable stock available of old meter style which they could use (it may depend where you are in the country due to which installer is used and the “justification” needed for an old style meter - the UK Government is pushing all suppliers to switch as many customers as possible to smart meters).

If you don’t want “smart” meters what is the point in swapping the ones you have?
The other exception being if you have very poor mobile signal whereby smart meters woul be unable to communicate with the “smart” network

The meter has to be changed as it’s getting to end of life. I don’t want to swap it. Thanks for your useful pointers. I’ll bear them in mind.

I might start by dumping Bulb to be honest.

Hey @JasonL

Thanks for your post. :bulb:

You can indeed have other meter exchanges rather than smart at Bulb.

Meter exchanges are fine to do, smart ones are free and do ensure you can manage your bills better but you don’t need to have one.

Looking at your meter, it is very old and we would like to look into getting this changed.

I will follow up with an email and I will message our metering team for confirmation. :grinning:


Thanks Carl

quite happy to have meter replaced with a non smart one as soon as possible.