Boost and Pay As You Go

I am currently supplied (electric and gas) on PAYG with Boost and have smart meters installed. I want to switch to Bulb but it won’t accept an online application as it says that my smart meters are not registered on the shared database. Any ideas on how to progress this? Many thanks.

When I had this problem with our gas supply new build house and ScottishPower, I ended up contacting Exoserve and GTC to try and progress this.

First of all, I would ask Boost to update the national database and if they haven’t done so within a fortnight, then contact the pipeline supplier [ should help you find them ] for gas and the electrical distributor [ will help find them] with your meter reference numbers and serial numbers (as printed on the meter) and your address and they should be able to either sort things out for you or pester Boost to register your meter correctly.

Hi @thebrightonion, since we are currently unable to communicate with smart prepay meters, we would programme your current meter into a dumb credit meter on the date of the switch so that you would no longer need to top up your meter with a key or card, but pay monthly by direct debit.

Could you please select the ‘direct debit’ option on our sign up page to progress with this? We would also be happy to sign you up over the phone if you call 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm) if preferred.

If this still isn’t working for you, then the national database may not have been updated with your current meter. In this case, you should ask Boost to update the national database for you before the switch to prevent a further muddle up down the line.