Boosted first bill


I have a a switch in process to bulb but I’ve be warned by a couple of others who have switched about a boosted first bill and how they were stung with really high amounts.

Apparently you can opt in or out of this but I can’t find any info on it anyway?

Hi there @Ella13 I’m not really sure what people are talking about there, we only charge one tariff for your usage whether it’s the first statement or any other statement, and we don’t have any fees or anything, so I’m not sure where they got that info from. One thing they might be talking about is that, if we have to open your account on an estimate and then it turns out the estimate was too low there might be a bit of a jump to catch up to your actual readings. You can avoid that by giving us a meter reading on or around the switch date. Might that be what people were talking about?

I’m not sure I just saw a couple of people mention this ‘Boosted’ first bill and that you can choose to have a regular one. I’ve done our swap based on predicted usage to get a more accurate quote so hopefully more accurate monthly DD.

Just thought it a little odd I couldn’t find any info on it

Very peculiar, well we won’t be boosting your first bill and a quote based on your predicted usage should be fairly accurate going forward

Brilliant thanks for that!