Both gas and electricity meters not working!

Both gas and electricity meters haven’t worked for over a year. Contacted help several times to try and get these replaced but still waiting for this to be sorted. I am now going to contact citizens advice. The screens do not show any usage so I could be paying more than I should! I need help to get these meters replaced so I can see usage urgently!! Sick of chasing this!!

Hi @Shazzaj72,

Firstly, I would like to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear your smart meters aren’t working. I just took a look into your account and I see that you have a 1st generation smart meter that was installed by your old supplier.

I’m afraid we cannot read your meter currently, but I will raise a complaint for you as I well and truly understand the frustrating situation you’ve been put in.

Just sending you an email now.