Brand of SMETS2 meters that bulb & Siemens install?

I am due to have the SMETS2 gas, and SMETS2 electric meters, installed this Tuesday,the 11th. can someone tell me the Manufacturer,and the model of these SMETS2 meters,please?Also will I be getting the Chameleon IHD6 (with the consumer Access,CAD) in home display? I thankfully applied to join bulb through the Samsumg link,and I have had notice from smartthings that I will be getting my stuff for £1.00GBP about ten days after the completion of my switch,this occurred on the 8th. of January,so I thing that Samsung smartthings folks are a little behind,Thanks to all taking the time to reply,Regards,Ray

Mine are Landis+Gyr. Electric E470, gas G470.not sure which IHD the fitter will leave you.

Thanks,did you get your smartthings quick?

Meters installed May last year,offer wasn’t on then!

OK,Thanks,any issues since then? Previously I was with nPower (and its parents) since 1977,all those years,all was OK,they even installed the FIRST generation smart meters…Nooooooo…NOT SMETS1,they are called AMR by Landys+Gyr,they installed them in 2010,you would NOT believe how my consumption went DOWN,I have records! I asked for SMETS2 stuff,they said I cannot have them,because IDO NOT HAVE SMART meters installed,I said maybe 10 year battery life is coming up,they said NO,I said look at my photos,they still said NO,I said bulb will install SMETS2 stuff (thanks to Matt F for this) they still said NO,I said I have been with you since 1977,still they said you are not having SMETS2 stuff,I said “Goodbye”,they even sent a local chap to examine the AMR meters,with in home display,he said that nPower was now carp,he had been with nPowers parents Yorkshire Electricity Board,its all gone downhill,he is looking forwards to retirement,I am very loyal to my suppliers,Aol,23 years,Vodafone 23 years,Yorkshire Water,42 years,VirginMedia 9 years,married 42 years,the list goes on…RSVP,Regards,Ray

Mr Ricey -Blacky you are becoming tiresome, wearisome, and irksome not to mention repetitive. How many times do you have to be told BULB will NOT give you smets2 meters, now go play trains or something. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, please give us peace

Hello is that other poster bothersome or something? my SMETS2 meters and the Chameleon IHD6 (CAD type) are being installed on Tusesday between 12 and 4pm,PS,I bought a £12.56 top quality Wylex DPI isolateor switch from Toolstation and screwed it to my wooden distribution board,when the nice chaps from PowerGrid called to fit their special “earthed fuse box stuff” they most kindly wired into and out of it to my 40 year old Wylex,metal,wire fused consumer unit,thus saving me £120 that bulb wanted,however,nice Matt F, at bulb did say they would do it “all-in” for £60,I am hoping that I can access my CAD data,and use it,dont forget I have had so called Smart meters since 2010,in those days they were called Landys+Gyr AMD meters,together with the in home display it even has the icon for WATER METERING in its display) why cant the water companies give us the same control as our smart meters?you would NOT believe how my bills/usage went down

Just refuses to accept the fact that bulb have stated they will not be replacing smets1 meters with smets2