Breakdown of bill

Received first bill but it seems to be just a total of both gas and electricity. Is there scope to have a breakdown showing as per other power bills the standing charge plus VAT breakdown as well as the confirmed KWh per month so you can gauge more accurately the saving? Thanks

I’m looking at my April bill and the first page does give just a total Gas/Electric breakdown, but page 3 has the Electric standing charge, p/kWh, dual fuel discount and VAT breakdowns (along with tariff information, estimated annual usage, usage per day) and page 4 has the same for gas.

Did you check all the pages (I know page 2 makes it seem like ‘end of bill/legal stuff/not worth reading from here on’)?

@larsson215 I would recommend checking all through the bill as there should be a four page breakdown of all the different usages, how its calculated etc. (As @RichyB Correctly pointed out)

Let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll do some more digging.

Mine also has a full breakdown same as above, scroll down the pages.