Breath of fresh air

Just a statement of total satisfaction !!
After dealing for years with all the big faceless companies I find your approach second to none. At long last I don’t feel like just another person to make up the numbers. You are courteous in your feedback and more than speedy with your response.
Well done Bulb keep it up I would always recommend you. Please don’t change thank you. E Baller.

Joined in December, and fully concur! B)

I agree with the above posts, I joined middle of 2017.
I have noticed however some individuals appear to have utility rage and are quick to complain about the least thing. Others ask a question which is so vague one wonders what they are talking about and of course they blame Bulb when they don’t get a satisfactory answer.
Yes there maybe some teething problems but hey you are getting a decent price, greener fuel and their gender pay gap is good, and they do communicate with members to try and improve performance.

@ericberw @198kHz @scudo Thanks all :slight_smile:

We do want to change, but only for the better, so always let us know if you think we can improve!