Bringing second fuel to Bulb

My previous supplier objected to my switch to Bulb, but have now gone bust. My gas account moved over but the electricity did not. To bring the electricity over do I put it through as a new quote or is there another way?

Oh and while I remember, you are billing me for both fuels at present. It looks like you didn’t adjust the DD when the previous supplier blocked the electricity moving over.

Hey @MattSleight you don’t need to go through the quote process again - you can just drop us an email and we can add the electricity onto your account :slight_smile:

If your previous supplier was Iresa who have ceased trading, it would be worth waiting until the ‘supplier of last resort’ take over the supply before switching. This protects any credit that you may have had with Iresa.

If your payments are for both fuels but we only supply one, it’s likely that they’re too high. You can alter this payment amount on your online account.