British gas have released my account.

I recently tried to move over gas and electricity to bulb from british gas. I received an objection to transfer and had to pay an outstanding balance with British gas. As this is now paid how do I get bulb to bring my gas account over? I struggle to call during office hours due to my work commitments. I seem to be on a variable rate deal, can I assume that the fixed priced duel fuel offer will be applied once the gas has also been brought over to bulb? My current meter reading for gas is 787,

Kind Regards

Mark Grove

Hi @mgrove! Thanks for getting in touch.

We can reapply for your gas now! It’ll take a couple of weeks, so your gas switch date will be 16th October. We’ll ask you for a meter reading closer to the time.

As far as the tariff goes, we actually only have one (we like to keep things nice and simple). So the variable tariff that you’re on already is the only tariff we offer.

Of course that means the unit rates can go up and down. But we are committed to being cost-reflective with our pricing. When wholesale energy costs go down we pass these on to our members as soon as possible - we reduced our rates twice so far this year.

However, when wholesale costs go up we may have to increase our rates (like other suppliers) but we’ll try and hold off as long as we can, and you always get 30 days notice. We also don’t have any exit fees so you’re free to leave at any time, if you want to (though of course we hope you won’t!).