British Gas IHD was working with Bulb but no longer

I switched from British Gas to Bulb 18 months and the IHD worked fine…until a few weeks ago. It nows says “Connecting to smart meter”. I followed the Bulb instructions and left it for 48 hours but to no avail. I emailed the problem to Bulb but with no reply - but why should they? The smart meter and IHD were both put in by British Gas. I’m just wondering whether the meter has had a firmware upgrade as part of the (long term) process of being readable by Bulb and this has disrupted the IHD screen

Can’t answer your other questions, but this one has a definite answer. All meters, whether traditional or smart, are owned by the current supplier to the property. Even though BG installed the meter, when you switched to Bulb the ownership of the meter moved to Bulb.

You might think it would be better for the meter to be owned and operated by the distribution network operator in your area and then you wouldn’t have to faff about with operator changes during switching, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

Bulb are now responsible for your meter, even if it has British Gas printed on it. Whether Bullb will be able to fix it for you is another matter entirely.

Why should they? Because you asked them a question. We have the same problem and we also have had our email ignored. I understand the need to keep costs down but this is very poor customer service. I’ĺl try the chat facility when I have time.

Hooloovoo and Sue-n-Pete, you’re right. Thanks for the replies.

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Just to say I lost patience waiting for a reply to my email and followup email to Bulb and phoned them today, only to be answered within the first ring! As for the question, my IHD won’t start working again until the meter (SMETS1) is read by Bulb and this is planned for Summer (although that could be “late Summer”). Here’s hoping!

I’m having exactly the same problem. I contacted British Gas initially as they installed the Smart Meter, but unlike Bulb, they came back almost straight away and advised me to contact my current supplier, so I have, but to no avail, my emails have been completely ignored.

Surprise, surprise, they ignored your emails, they’re not very good at responding to such
As the chap above said it is hoped? that the migration will be done by late summer(2020) but don’t hold your breath
This is dependant on meter manufacturer(there is atimeliine somewhere but I can’t remember where I saw it)

Yes, I saw a timeline at
According to that my Landis + Gyr British Gas smets1 meter will be migrated in the months following 26 July 20(proposed)

Would moving to another supplier het the IHD to work?

there is no definitive answer to your question.
Suggest you try the timeline link posted above yours as to when your meters will hopefully be migrated but this is no guarantee that your IHD will work

I think moving back to British Gas would get the IHD working again and also smart meter behaving like a smart meter should, but I am just waiting for (1) Bulb’s forthcoming gas price announcement (2) the end of Winter (whichever comes first :slightly_smiling_face:)

No definitive answer to that question either :rofl:
PS, don’t think he would want to go back to BG as he’s just left them

Wasn’t previously with BG but NPower. What’s the point of having an IHD when you can’t use it?

I threw mine in the bin after it stopped working with Bulb for three months, all it read was connecting and still read the BG tariff and daily charge just before it stopped. Now the smart meter says 0.0p for the daily charge and I just give Bulb my reading monthly

That was certainly Terminal if not exactly the most subtle :rage:

Not the point, the IHD has more benefits than just supplying meter readings.

Have they ever answered an email?