British Gas Smart Meter (1st Gen) not connecting

I’ve just gone to read my Smart Meter but it’s no longer working. Display is blank and it says it’s ‘connecting’ (it isn’t and it doesn’t). I can’t find anything via google and I’m going round in circles on the British Gas website (surprise).

Just looked at the gas meter and it looks to be dead but we still have gas/heating/hot water. I’ve unplugged the smart meter display box, pressed A & B buttons on the gas meter but nothing. I’m assuming British Gas won’t come out to sort this as I’m now with Bulb.

Any ideas? I have contacted Bulb but had a message saying they’re very busy so no joy there as yet!


It’s not displaying anything. It’s a Geo meter if that makes any difference? There is no keypad. Only stopped working in the last few weeks as read meter with no issues in November.

I am aware that you have tried contacting bulb without a lot of success, try phoning again and request "“call back” as this usually gets fastest response 0300 30 30 635