British Gas Smart Meter Readings

Do you British Gas smart meters continue to function in order to obtain meter readings after the switchover, or are they disabled in any way? Just want to know whether they are reliable for meter readings or if it’s best to take the reading from the outside wall boxes.

Hi @adyf after a switch over to us, you will need to provide us with a meter reading as smart meters are calibrated to communicate with the installing supplier. The best way to get this meter reading is to take it directly from your meter, not the in-home display unit. This is because the in-home displays sometimes loses their functionality after you switch suppliers

Thanks George, can you confirm that I’m on the list for the Bulb smart meter trial please.

@adyf You are on the list for the smart meter trial :slight_smile:

I’m ready to submit my first meter readings, but appear to have a problem. At the top of this this thread George advises to take the reading direct from the meter. Just looking at my gas meter, the display is blank. I don’t know if this is connected to British Gas installing a smart meter or not. Could you please advise on how to proceed, I could try and obtain a reading from the smart meter instead.

Hi @adyf, just so we can see the exact type of meter you have, could you send us a picture of it? I have sent you an email and if you can reply with an attachment, that would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, I got brave and pressed the black B button and that gave me the reading, which corresponded with the smart meter. I’ve submitted both gas and electric initial readings.

I currently have a meter card with SSE and have just signed up to Bulb. Please may I have a smart meter installed? I am 77 years old and would appreciate the support. Thanks, Georgie

By ‘meter card’ do you mean it is a pre-pay card? If so, Bulb is currently just starting to offer support for pre-paid meters (see ) but according to

…There have been some teething problems which has meant that we have had to push back the start a few times…
so it could be a bit longer.

On the smart meter side of things, according to :

The smart meter rollout will begin in late 2018.
and from
Hi! Unfortunately, we can’t be too precise on when Smart Meters will be rolled out in each area. The reason is that we depend on third parties in rolling them out (The DCC, who manage communication between suppliers and smart meters, and the metering contractors who will actually install your meter). We will be in contact when we have availability in your area.

If you’d like to sign up for the trial see

… if you pop over to you’ll be able to sign up for the waiting list.