British Gas Smart meter used to work with won’t display usage

Switched to Bulb from BG (a year or so ago) and the smart meter gave me the meter readings…I was aware the tariffs would be different. Just saved me going outside to read the meter.
Anyway, we had a new boiler fitted last week which meant I didn’t the BG service contract anymore so I cancelled Homecare. It was then I realised the smart meter display reads £0 and 0 units.
Is this a coincidence? Or is it a problem with my internet connection to the smart meter?
Last question, should I request Bulb for their smart meter??

You will have SMETS1 meters which BULB won’t change, afraid you’ll have to wait until this FIASCO (with “smart” meters is sorted, then bulb should be able to read them. In meantime you will have to submit manual readings(suggest not more than 1 -2 days before bill date for accurate bills as opposed to estimated)

Thanks for the reply Skippy. But just wondering why it has worked then suddenly stops?
I guess I’m going to be underwhelnmed when Bulb actually get round to sending me a smart meter…it doesn’t make pretty reading (see what I did there!)
Happy Christmas anyway.

Don’t hold your breath, best guesstimate is end of 2020 there is a bit on “smart” meters where you can register your SMETS1 meter and they will hopefully let you know when they can read it. As for your IHD no longer working can only surmise a slight change in wiring for new boiler(my IHD stopped working immediately) with those thoughts i wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
PS. the early meters actually work on mobile signal, Could just be BG getting their revenge