British Gas Smart-Meter

Hi. Been with Bulb for nearly a year now. When will Bulb be able to communicate with my smart meters that British Gas installed “Previous Supplier” ? They looks pretty modern with a separate communication unit for WAN connection.

Thank you.

Hi @Atomfix - welcome to the Bulb community! :partying_face:

I’ve taken a look at your account and it looks like you have first generation (SMETS1) smart meters. These meters are gradually being enrolled with the centralised smart network, and once this happens your meter should become ‘smart’ again - so your meter will be compatible with all suppliers and transmit readings automatically once again.

These meters are being enrolled in batches, so you’ll receive an email once this happens for your meter. We’re expecting this process to be complete by the end of this year. In the meantime, you should be able to send us manual readings by following the instructions here.

Hi my mother in law has a old British Gas smart meter which I cannot get a reading out from nor can a meter reader guy who tried. Bulb in there wisdom want me to drive 20 miles press a button on video to prove the meter is faulty well if the meter guy can’t then I can’t as tried before. Bulb customer service is crap she’s a 77 year old on the priority list paying electric with no meter readings. I have told bulb I am enjoying slagging them off On social media any way we are both leaving soon. S they are not bothered

Hi @Smartie91

We do try and install smart meters wherever possible. If there is already a smart meter at the property we can usually connect to it which is why we’d only replace it if faulty- we do need to obtain proof that its faulty. If you had a meter reader attend who couldn’t read it they should be able to give a report about that- did they leave that at all?

Alternatively a quick video showing the meter screen to be faulty is great as we then pass that over to our metering team to investigate.

I’m sorry that its difficult to get the video, perhaps a neighbour or someone who lives closer can help her take the video? Once we have that we can replace it no problem :slight_smile:

Seams we are flogging a dead horse. Easier to leave
Octopus said they will change. If I go over to them. That’s 2 customes your will have lost and a lot of negative comments.

Your choice

Hi new to community so here is my first moan !I applied for a smart meter as i find it difficult to read the meters which are in a cupboard and on the ground,the engineer arrived to fit and said not enough space to fit un less we took shelves out ,which we did and sent a photo ,and sent to bulb ,who then replied that our meters were "medium flow " and not suitable to be converted ,wish the first engineer had told us that and saved us wrecking a built in cupboard !! Buld have now kindly offered to have my meters read every 3 months ,

Hi @bonjovi22

I’m sorry to hear the space around you meter wasn’t checked first! Sometimes we can’t tell certain things about an installation or meter job booking without seeing a photo- sorry about the shelves!

I am glad to hear we’ve managed to get you down for quarterly meter readers though, this should help with the regular readings and making sure the bills are up to date :blush:

– H :bulb:

@bonjovi22 Is that a medium pressure gas meter inside the property? If it is I would have cadent come out and check it because it is dangerous to have a medium pressure meter inside

yes it is a medium pressuire meter what would the cost be to me to change please?

Hi @bonjovi22

If the meter is deemed dangerous by Cadent then we would replace it free of charge, but we’d need this written up in a report.

– Meg :bulb:

I have never seen a medium pressure gas meter inside a property. They all need to be outside for safety reasons.

Hi @Smart_fitter :wave:

I personally don’t know loads about medium pressure gas meters they seem to be less common than other meters. I had a quick look into this myself and you are correct it sounds like these do need to be housed outside of the property.

Hi @bonjovi22 :wave: As Meg has said I’d recommend getting in touch with Cadent for them to look into this. Once they have they can send through a report to us. If deemed dangerous we can look to replace the meter free of charge for you.

– Luke :bulb:

The standard low pressure gas is anything up to 75 mbar to the ecv and a single stage regular to drop it down to normal operating pressure. Medium pressure is between 75 mbar and 2 bar and has a 2 stage regulator to drop it down to normal operating pressure.
If there is a leak before the ecv a house could fill up with gas pretty quickly with the medium pressure which is why it can’t be fitted inside. Also with mp the spigot can’t be knocked out of the back of the meter box because the cavity wall would fill up pretty quickly if there was an escape.

Thanks guys I rang cadent who passed the buck back to bulb who are responsible they say is to inspect the meter first ?

It’s a cadent issue not supplier issue. I’d keep on at cadent, tell them you have a concern for safety and they are obliged to attend

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