British Gas wants Bulbs 1.7m customers

Centrica wants Bulb’s 1.7m customers, but not the brand, staff or offices, The Sunday Times reported.

as reported by this is money.

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Whoever takes on Bulb’s customers will be bad news for those of us who pay by variable DD. If I remember rightly, most of the other suppliers like to “fix” your DD based on average yearly use. I prefer to build up credit in my own bank account, not anybody else’s!!


I know eon do the metering for bulb these days. Just before they went into administration they gave eon all their metering equipment and x million pounds. By that reckoning I would say eon would be after bulbs customers

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No idea, there was couple of other companies from dubai it mentioned, Eon would be better than British gas though.

What a nightmare for all of us customers and the staff working for bulb :frowning_face:

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To be fair they are all as bad as each other. They will all try to rip you off if they can


That’s very true. the whole energy sector is the same.

Was so happy on my 3 rate smart tariff, now cant seem to get anything like it, hey ho, at least dinner time is no longer dictated to by the 4pm 5pm peak rate charge. & im just glad my smart meters are smart metering and working, so many other don’t even work at all

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One of the reasons I left metering! At least now the customers can’t blame me for it!

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Sorry to hear, that, never blamed those on the tools, I have an HNC BIT so I know these companies spout a load at times. saying that I don’t blame them either, it should all be so simple, 1 rate for day 1 rate for night, for whole country and just charge a different standing charge to reflect different locations. the whole industry has always been a mess, and it needs simplifying badly.

The scamming charge has doubled since they were given free reign with pricing. Extra 8p per kwh would be excessive but fine if it wasn’t for the scamming charge going how it did.
These lot are even trying to rob an extra £60 of my credit because they have been getting the wrong readings!

its does hurts like hell, I was on beta smart tariff, made it work, 12.75p all the time, 24.75p 4pm to 7pm winter 5 to 8 summer sc 19.57. now 1 tariff 29.24 sc 37.92. its the unit charge that’s over doubled for me.

looking at solar/battery now. still cheaper to stay put for me atm I think. I guess my only move could be octopus, not sure yet :frowning: wish but would stay. but I guess its only a matter of time now i guess

Well, if this is true and British Gas get the Bulb customers, I for one will not be one of them.
British Gas are one of the worst energy suppliers out there and they do not know the meaning of Customer service,(read Which report).
Even though they are a bit more expensive than Bulb, I will be on my way to Octopus if I can. Good Customer Service will be worth a few quid.

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I hope its not true, besides just says BG want it, Not there getting IT, the Gov should fully take over bulb, Bulbgov co uk :slight_smile: lol

Given that a lot of BG customers joined Bulb to get away from BG, I cannot see them being willing to be dragged back.

If they would be willing to change my smart meters for a key and card meter I would go.

I don’t think it’s possible to get normal meters these days. Back in the old days it was so much easier for us fiters to put normal meters in. No messing around with commissioning just stick them in, activate them with key or card if pre pay and off you go!
So glad i called time on my metering career!

Since moving to this house I have had trouble sleeping. I don’t know if it’s because my gas meter is in the bedroom which I feel is a silly place to put it. I have read quite a few horror stories about smart meters causing problems because they are constantly emitting EMF’s.

The smart meters talk between themselves using bluetooth. The hub on the electric meter sends data by sms so that makes them similar to using a mobile phone. I doubt they would have been passed off if there was any danger in using them over normal meters