Broken electricity meter not replaced in over 6 months

My electricity smart meter stopped working in September 2021, and now it only shows the firmware number instead of actual reading. I’ve received mail from bulb on 22nd September confirming that the meter have to be replaced and we’ll switch to estimated readings. According to the mail, engineer should replace the meter in 4 to 5 weeks. Since then, I’ve contacted bulb couple of times, informing that I can’t read the readings of actual usage and with price increase this is unacceptable. I need to be able to read the real readings we can’t go on using just the estimates. I understand that you are under special administration but please let me know when the meter can be replaced.

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Sorry you haven’t been able to book in a replacement meter installation yet, you should have received an email with instructions of how to do this but I’m sorry if this wasn’t the case.

You can use this link to book in a exchange, let us know if you need any help on this.

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I have been in this same situation for over a year called multiple times to be told atm there is nothing that can be done plus estimated billing climbed 15% every month even before the price rise

i just hope for bulbs sake you can prove what my usage has been because you cannot justify my current bills on last years usage

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I can see your meter was affected by a firmware fault which stop the reads from sending to us. You can now book a replacement through your Bulb account, just log in and follow the get a smart meter section.

Once that is fitted we can track your usage for a few months and if our estimates look wrong then we can always amend them.

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I have been in the same boat since before the pandemic, i made so many calls to bulb, emails back and forth and still nothing. I have been estimated for over 2 years on gas usage and my electric meter is also faulty, again i contacted in regards to this and still hear nothing.
I had high hopes for bulb but they have given me nothing but dissapointment and unsatisfactory service.
How can i manage my usage or even know what my bills are if you have been unwilling for so long to rectify the issues with my meters.
I was in credit based on readings from before the meters became faulty so i decreased my monthly payments. Now I am being advised to pay such a high amount based on estimated that have been obtained based on what???
I have tonight emailed bulb again attaching emails from me and a customer advisor who was apparently dealing with this in 2021, i do not hold out much hope but lets see if this can finally be dealt with

yes we have the same issue: broken smart meter so can not even read the meter manually now. Did notify Bulb, engineer came out, not sorted, heard nothing again since; well over a year. Estimated bills only; based on what?