Broken gas meter and buld isnt bothered


Looking for some advice, i noticed the other week that my gas meter is broken, i still have a working supply but meter is dead, in that the reading is stuck on the same number and it appears has been since Jan. I contacted bulb to report this, was amazed they didn’t have any alerting themselves that someone has used zero gas in a few months but never mind i reported it.

However despite me sending photos, videos and them clearly being able to see my last three readings have been the same they refuse to replace the meter, ive asked a few times now what’s happening, when are you sending someone and i get nothing back.

Anyone had similar issues or any advice? I was going to switch to another provider but given the current situation no one seems to be accepting new customers and wont give me a quote

I’m concerned if not fixed soon they could try and hit me with a made up bill of my usage, I don’t use much gas anyway but im getting concerned having a broken meter and no sign of Bulb showing any interest.

I’m in the same position, email support is useless so going to lodge a complaint shortly. I’d suggest doing that if you havent already then raising a complaint with the ombudsman

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How do you raise a complaint as email is the only option or are you talking about with ofgem? Is that who they are for gas?

i would suggest contacting the ombudsman, they handle complaints of energy companies, (google ‘energy ombudsman’, as i cant post links)

For information, OFGEM won’t entertain a complaint until you’ve exhausted the complaints’ procedure with Bulb. You need to complain to Bulb and if they don’t sort out your problem within 8 weeks (I believe) then OFGEM will take it on. I think the email address is

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I have reviewed your account and I can see that a complaint has been raised. Your gas meter issue has been logged with the metering team who will review the request and book you in the nearest available appointment.


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