Broken smart electric meter and ihd

I contacted bulb after not being able to take an electricity reading. I was advised after sending photos and information that the firm wear had gone therfore i need a new meter.

The last contact i had was 22nd march when i responded to the last lot of requested information.

I have heard nothing back from my chase email.

How long does it take before i can book an installation date?

Same issue - electric meter failed after a firm ware update push in Sept 21
Several chats, emails , photos and a video sent as requested almost on a monthly basis
Finally managed to get an engineer appointment last week on chat for yesterday
waited in all afternoon and no-show
I am making up electric meter readings myself based on historic usage to avoid a huge bill once (if ever) it gets sorted

Wow, what a nightmare. I bet if we stopped paying they would soon be in touch! I hope they sort us both out very soon.

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