Broken Smart Meter - What charges?

Because I have smart meters for both electricity and gas I’ve never bothered looking at them, but with all the price rises thing I saw the advice to take a reading yesterday and so tried to. The electricity was fine, but my gas meter was completely blank almost as though it had no power not a flicker of life in it no matter what combination of buttons I pushed. I then went back to look at my statements and found that my gas readings have been estimates since I joined Bulb just over a year ago ?? Surely they should have contacted me if they were not getting readings or had someone come out and look at it? I then found this forum and am amazed at all the trouble people have had with broken meters. Luckily I hardly use any gas, its just me here I have a combi boiler for hot water and have been using electric heating. My worry is though they will try and land me with a big estimated bill. I wrote to them straight away yesterday and sent pictures, but looking at these forums it doesn’t look like I’ll get a lot of help very soon. What have other people done when the meter (gas or electric) isn’t reading, how do you come to an agreement on payment with Bulb? Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts.

I have had a similar problem. My gas meter readings are “actual” and electricity are still “estimated” because the electricity smart meter is not sending readings.

Last September, I got an email from Bulb stating
“We’ve noticed your smart electricity meter has stopped sending automatic meter readings. Don’t worry, your meter is safe, but it looks like we’ll need to send an engineer out to replace it.”

To date, no contact to come and replace the defective smart meter.

I have resorted to sending meter readings because Bulb’s estimates are always higher than actual. Maybe they are trying to get more money each month from DD.


Hi @PLSP :wave: Welcome to Community,

I can see you were in touch over email and our metering team has taken over the case. They will be in touch with you directly about booking a meter exchange :slight_smile:

Hi @rajen_shah It sounds like your meter was affected by a firmware fault we were made aware of. There should now be an option in your Bulb account to book a smart meter installation. This will allow you to get the electricity meter exchanged :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie,

Just a quick clarification, it’s not my electricity meter that isn’t working, it’s my gas meter.



Our metering team are aware and will be in contact with you shortly.

– Robyn :bulb: